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French Press

French Press

The French Press is a tried-and-true method to brew coffee. A full emersion vs. extraction method, French press brews a thick, oily cup with a gritty texture. It's an easy way to brew with fewer steps that other specialty brewing methods. 

Before you start you will need: 

  • A French Press brewer
  • Fresh Heirloom Coffee
  • A Scale and Timer (though not necessary, it improves extraction significantly) 
  • A gooseneck or slow pour kettle


  1. Boil your water and let it settle. The optimum temperature is 198-205 degrees
  2. Grind your coffee: We recommend 30 grams of coarse ground coffee to about 380 grams of water.
  3. Rinse out your French Press with hot water
  4. Pour your ground coffee into the French Press
  5. Place the brewer on the scale and tare/zero the scale. 


  1. Pour about 95 grams of water over the grounds then STOP! Wait about 45 seconds. This is the bloom stage. At this stage the oils and flavor particles are being extracted from the ground coffee. 
  2. Pour the remaining water into the French Press.
  3. The final weight on the scale should be about 380 grams. 
  4. Wait for about 4 minutes and then press down the plunger. This filters the coffee and compresses it at the bottom of the French Press.
  5. Pour and enjoy! 

Roaster Tip:  Blooming is Key! Don't skip the first 45 second wait time. If your brewed coffee tastes too gritty, your coffee might have been ground too fine. Try a coarser grind.