Pour Over

In our humble opinion, the pour over system is the best way to brew specialty coffee. pour over systems demand concentration and control and though you can get a pretty good cup if you wing it, the product of a methodic and technical pour can be out of this world. 

Before you start you will need: 

  • A pour over coffee system 
    • Hario V60
    • Kalita Wave
    • Melitta Dripper
  • Fresh Heirloom Coffee (23 grams)
  • A scale and timer (though not necessary, it improves extraction significantly) 
  • A gooseneck or slow pour kettle
  • A mug or carafe 


  1. Boil your water and let it settle. The optimum temperature is 198-205 degrees
  2. Grind your coffee: We recommend 23 grams of coarse ground coffee to about 12 oz of water
  3. Rinse out your pour over filter with hot water and then discard
  4. Pour ground coffee into the pour over filter
  5. Place the brewer on top of the mug and place the setup over the scale. Then tare/zero the scale. 


  1. Pour about 1 oz of water over the grounds then STOP! Wait 30 seconds. This is the bloom stage. At this stage the oils and flavor particles are being extracted from the ground coffee. 
  2. Pour the remaining 11 ounces of water into the pour over in 2 equal pours.
  3. The final weight on the scale should be about 12 oz. 
  4. Pour and enjoy! 

Roaster Tip:  Blooming is Key! Don't skip the first 30 second wait time. Swirl your coffee in the carafe before drinking, this will dramatically improve the flavor profile of the coffee. Make sure to aerate the coffee when swirling. If you have a thick silty layer of coffee on the top of the coffee grounds, you probably ground the coffee too fine, try a little coarser.

Check out our how to video using the Hario V60 pour over kit below.

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