Atmos Vacuum Storeage Canister
Atmos Vacuum Storeage Canister

Atmos Vacuum Storeage Canister

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Atmos: Keep Your Coffee Fresher for Longer

Meet Atmos, the airtight canister designed to extend the freshness of your coffee beans. Featuring a simple twist mechanism, Atmos removes air to prevent oxidation, effectively doubling the lifespan of your coffee.

Oxygen is the enemy when it comes to storing coffee beans. It saps flavor and moisture, leaving your beans dry and bland. Thankfully, Atmos is here to save the day. This airtight canister not only keeps your coffee fresh but also works for storing snacks, sweets, and herbs, preserving them up to 50% longer.

Say goodbye to bland beans and hello to extended freshness with Atmos.

This 1.2 liter large size canister will hold one full bag of Heirloom Whole Bean Coffee and is a perfect storeage vessel for storing ground coffee. 

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