KSU Arinagata
KSU Arinagata
KSU Arinagata

KSU Arinagata

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Notes of White Grape, Vanilla, and Floral Blossom
90-91 points 

Delicate hints of white grape complement the velvety smooth mouth feel and bright floral notes of this unique Indonesian coffee. The caramelization of sugars during key points of this roast yield a sweet vanilla like taste with a intoxicating floral finish.

KSU Arinagata has worked hard to improve the livelihoods of Indonesian farmers through the cooperative model. Arinagata is organic and Fairtrade certified and provides technical assistance and training for their farmer members. Additionally, Arinagata also operates a sister women’s cooperative called Ari Aras Awali.

The semi-washed processing of this coffee involves a fermentation period of 8 hours following de-pulping. After this, the coffee is dried until it reaches a moisture content of 40% before being collected by Arinagata collectors. At the cooperative’s warehouse, the coffee is hulled and further dried until it reaches 12.5% moisture content.

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