The Chemex is one of the most premium ways to brew coffee. Chemex filters use an ultra-thick paper material which slows the brew time and allows for maximum extraction without particulate or undesirable oils to enter the cup. Chemex brewers are made from non-porous Borosilicate glass which won't absorb flavors or particles. 


Brewing with a Chemex is as easy as pouring water. 

Before you start you will need: 

  • Chemex Brewer
  • Chemex Filter
  • Fresh Heirloom Coffee
  • A Scale and Timer (though not necessary, it improves extraction significantly) 
  • A gooseneck or slow pour kettle


  1. Boil your water: The optimum temperature is 198-205 degrees
  2. Grind your coffee: We recommend 45 grams of coffee to about 25 fl oz of water (740 grams) 
  3. Place the Chemex filter into the Chemex brewer with the thick 3-part side over the spout. 
  4. Pour water over the filter. You want to completely soak the filter and rinse away any paper particles or dust. Then pour out the water.
  5. Pour your ground coffee into the Chemex Filter
  6. Place the brewer on the scale and tare/zero the scale. 


  1. Pour about 95 grams of water over the grounds then STOP! Wait about 45 seconds. This is the bloom stage. At this stage the oils and flavor particles are being extracted from the ground coffee. 
  2. Pour the remaining water in 3 equal pours about 1 minute apart. 
  3. The final weight on the scale should be about 740 grams. 
  4. Remove and dispose of the filter with the coffee grounds. 
  5. Pour and enjoy! 

Roaster Tip:  After your coffee is finished brewing into the Chemex, swirl the coffee around to aerate, this will dramatically improve the coffee flavor and make the flavor notes more pronounced. If your brew takes too long (5+ minutes, go coarser on your grind)