A journey spanning generations

Sustainability beyond traditional certifications

Founded in 2021 by third-generation coffee roaster Hovik Azadkhanian, Heirloom is on a quest to save the future of coffee. By 2050, the world will likely not be able to produce specialty-grade coffee because of climate change, soil degradation, mass erosion, and habitat destruction.

We believe that our generation is coffee’s last hope. To ensure a safe future for specialty coffee, regenerative agriculture is the key. Heirloom only sources coffee from Regenerative Organic Certified® farms, which prioritize soil health, animal welfare, and transparent fairness for farmers, farmworkers, and all those involved in the supply chain.

Brand new, award-winning roasting style

Heirloom is not only pioneering sustainability in coffee, but we’re also changing the conversation around taste. After years of testing and formulation, Heirloom created a unique roasting method known as the Culinary Roast™.

The Culinary Roast™ is a proprietary roasting process developed at the Heirloom Coffee Roastery. It’s a hyper-focused roasting style that uses micro-adjusting techniques to develop a harmonious balance of sweetness and body in every roast. We emulate elevated culinary styles to deliver an outstanding sensory experience. Drawing parallels from fine dining. The Culinary Roast™ presents layers of flavors and textures, highlighting the inherent flavors of the coffee bean and delivering a cup that is sweet, complex, and bright.

Within the first year of launching our brand, Heirloom received five Golden Bean awards for taste and quality and won the prestigious Good Food Award, emerging victorious against 1,700 coffees in a blind tasting.

Heirloom continues to roast its exceptional coffee in a state-of-the-art roastery in Oakland, CA, leading the way in the regenerative coffee movement.

From Regenerative Farm to Cup

A never ending attention to detail from each hand-selected bean to our award-winning Culinary Roast™.

100% Regenerative

Heirloom proudly roasts 100% Regenerative Organic Certified® coffees in all of our main SKUs.

Culinary Roast

Our proprietary "Culinary Roast™" style has been developed in-house to deliver layers of flavor and a sweet syrupy finish.


From reduced natural gas roasting, innovative packaging, and our state-of-the-art roastery, we lead sustainability and innovation in coffee manufacturing.

100% Regenerative Organic® Coffee

We believe that the future of coffee is in our hands. Every decision we make today will affect generations of farmers, their children, and the countless other familes who are involved in the coffee supply chain. Our mission is to save the future of coffee, and we believe that can only be done by sourcing and expertly roasting regenerative organic coffee.

Masters of our craft

Innovation and excellence in everything we do

We're Coffee People

We believe in good, honest, transparently sourced & regeneratively farmed coffee.

Our Team

Hovik Azadkhanian

Co-Founder & CEO

Rick Bolander

Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

Kelly Zeissner

VP of Success

Peter Boyajian

Head of Retail

Arturo Barajas

Head Roaster

Antonio Rodriguez