Cooperativa Sacacli - ROC™ Certified Regenerative Coffee
Cooperativa Sacacli - ROC™ Certified Regenerative Coffee

Cooperativa Sacacli - ROC™ Certified Regenerative Coffee

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Almond Butter, Cocoa, Floral

Producer: Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples Sacaclí - Nicaragua  Roast Level: Medium
Flavor Notes: Almond Butter, Cocoa, Floral Finish Altitude (ft): 2,950-4,100
Variety: Caturra & Catimor, Catuai, Maragogype Process: Washed


Heirloom Coffee Roasters is proud to announce the first ROC™ certified regeneratively farmed coffee ever commercially available! This batch is from bag #1 of 275 from the very first ROC™ certified coffee container!

Our roastmasters have roasted this competition quality coffee to bring out the suble floral notes and cocoa finish. 

Regenerative agriculture is the most effective tool that farmers have against deforestation, soil degradation, and varietal preservation. Regenerative Organic Certified™ coffees guarantee full transparency in the supply chain, and ensuer that farmers grow crops usign regenerative practices. 

At Heirloom Coffee Roasters, our mission if to roast the most ethically sourced coffees around, and regeneratively grown coffee is the most sustainable coffee grown in the world. We're proud to be an official partner of the Regenerative Organic Alliance™.  

Cooperativa Sacaclí, A non-profit organization formed by small and medium producers that work for self-sustainable development, diversifying productive areas through permanent management and capacity building while ntegrating gender equity. It currently has 537 members, of which 93 are women.

Their organization has been advancing the execution and implementation of technologies for the protection of crops and for the rational use of water, Their efforts are anchored to the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices and organic certification. Cooperativa Sacacli is the first ROC™ certified coffee crop ever commercially available. We’re so excited to announce that our first roast of Cooperativa Sacacli comes from the very first sack unloaded from the very first container!

Pacayal Coffee invests in several initiatives for producers, including best agricultural practices training to prevent Roya, economic empowerment programs for women, sustainable production practices training, and quality research to develop award-winning coffees. What is important about this coffee is that the producers eliminate the use of water in its process, which contributes to improving the environmental footprint of the company. 

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